JELL-O Hashtag claim #fml

If you haven’t seen JELL-O’s #FML campaign yet, you’re in for a treat. Just in case you’re unfamiliar, the #FML hashtag is used on Twitter to say “F my life” — usually about “first world problems” as in. JELL-O wants to reclaim #FML to mean “Fun my life.” They have responded to #FML tweets on Twitter with the following response:

Case: Jell-o hashtag reclaim


How about you actually say something?

How about you actually say something? Have an opinion. Say something unexpected. Be controversial. Get noticed. The social cemetery is littered with the cadavers of brands from yesteryear that did everything by the book, yet remain confined to the annals of history because they didn’t rock the boat

Case: Oreo, Red Cross en A&F Social Marketing

Coca Cola Creative Marketing

International marketing: the way companies get out the word and target audiences who may not be local to the United States. When marketing outside of the US, your company needs to think outside of the box. There’s a difference between marketing nationally and marketing to a specific country or region, and Coca-Cola’s about to show some of the reasons for their success.

Case: Coca Cola creative marketing

Serialized Content

Fans have been watching this new show (which just finished season 2) and talking about it on Facebook more than any other, and they are more tuned to a marketing message now than ever before. Why is that? We worked with A&E to ensure their audience expects qualtity, relevant content. TV shows are scheduled. Fans expect them to appear at certain times. At GLOW, this is the approach we take when posting social content, something we call serialized content

Case: Duck Dynasty Serialized Content

Content strategy to learn from

An easy mistake that many companies make is just talking about the products and services they offer. You may think, Well, surely that’s the point? Actually, no. Last week I listened to an interesting webinar hosted by “the marketer” magazine, entitled “Content Marketing: How to build a sustainable strategy,” which gave some great examples of companies that have portrayed their products effectively by not directly talking about them.

Case: iPod en Kellogs content marketing